About GFA Australia

GFA Australia works primarily amongst the Dalit and Other Backward Caste communities in South Asia with the purpose of helping these historically disadvantaged communities and individuals to rise above their circumstances and to have a meaningful place in society

Activities include:

Bridge Of Hope
  • Adult vocational training, life skills education and training and literacy programs carried out in partnership with indigenous people.

  • Provision of food, clothing, health care and education for children who would otherwise have limited or no access to these basic necessities of life.

  • Adult education and training in areas such as hygiene, alcohol and drug abuse, social and work skills, parenting, etc.

  • Provision of livestock, tools and equipment to communities to assist self-sufficiency and avoid dependence of indigenous people on unscrupulous lenders.

  • Drilling and installing wells in communities without ready access to good quality water, including the provision of filtration and purification systems.

  • Native Missionary
  • Raising the self-worth of these people by loving them, caring for them and touching these who are often considered untouchable, including lepers.

  • Provision of medical and educational facilities and campuses for the greater good of India.

  • Provide relief from physical and mental hardship arising out of disasters such as flooding, earthquakes, tropical storms, tsunamis and epidemics in the South and South-East Asian regions.

  • These activities are carried out in accordance with Indian Government's goals of eradicating caste discrimination and poverty.
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